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Offering a variety of options to maximize your next virtual meeting. Shishir can partner with you to bring a unique and engaging experience for your remote training, meetings or conferences. In this educational and entertaining virtual experience, he can provide your team his keynote presentations, workshops, coaching, and tailored content through any virtual platform.


In his onsite training programs and sessions, Shishir teaches how to grow in Life and business. As a Life and Leadership Coach Shishir Offers the insider life and leadership secrets for elevating individual and team engagement and inspiring both themselves and those that they lead.

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Bring your team together to help learn to align, connect, communicate, influence and lead.

My Story

Shishir Kanstiya is one of the top Life and Leadership Coach and a leading corporate trainer in India. Besides a trainer, he is also a motivational speaker, Business coach, eminent educationist and a management consultant.  He has been consulting small, medium and large-scale organizations.

His Forte is Life Management. What is life management? It is managing both living and non-living life on earth, but specially life management deals with living life – “mostly humans”. Good life management ensures that every aspect of a human life grows as it should.  Leadership management is just one flower in the entire bouquet of life.  Life and Leadership management is the art of Self-management and People management. It begins with “I” awareness and then “We” awareness.

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