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Top Life – Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer in India.

Reinventing your life- getting what you really want at work, home, and in your relationships.

My Story


Shishir Kanstiya is one of the top Life and Leadership Coach and a leading corporate trainer in India. Besides a trainer, he is also a motivational speaker, Business coach, eminent educationist and a management consultant.  He has been consulting small, medium and large-scale organizations.

His Forte is life management. What is life management? It is managing both living and non-living life on earth, but specially life management deals with living life – “mostly humans”. Good life management ensures that every aspect of a human life grows as it should.  Leadership management is just one flower in the entire bouquet of life.  Life and Leadership management is the art of Self-management and People management. It begins with “I” awareness and then “We” awareness.

Remember, at the heart of Life and Leadership is a simple truth: “They are internal game, but an external act.” So, they begin with understanding the mind and body connection. My in-depth study and experience of various fields of science like Psychology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Epigenetics, Psychosomatics, Physiology, Neuro-immunobiology help understand the interdependence and interconnectivity of both Mind and Body.

So, though Life management is an art, the study of all the fields of science help take the art of life to the next level and master it.

Being a scientific life coach, Shishir uses all the modalities and elements to restore harmony and balance in people’s life and empower them to create health, wealth, happiness and success.

As a Life Coach- Shishir is committed to the growth and development of both the “Internal game” and “external act.” He loves helping Leaders and Organizations to find an authentic voice that reflects the wisdom that comes from first knowing oneself and then knowing others.

So, if you are facing the following challenges:

Challenges of self:

  • Only respond not react.
  • Stay Humble
  • Have Patience
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Having self-confidence
  • Delegating
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Stay motivated
  • Avoid burnout
  • Staying Positive

Challenges of skills:

  • Keeping your people inspired and motivated.
  • Developing your people.
  • Coaching and mentoring your people.
  • Develop growth mindset in people.
  • Dealing with conflict at workplace.
  • Dealing with crisis.
  • Managing resources.
  • Getting your people to accept change.
  • Have empathy for people.
  • Sales & Negotiation management

If the answer to the above is “YES” then you are at the right place. Shishir can help you to navigate all these challenges.

Feedback & Reviews

” I had the fortune of having attended Life and Leadership training workshop and it changed my life. Instead of wasting time on my weaknesses, I became aware of my natural talents and strengths. It has given me tremendous confidence to achieve my goals using my strengths. I personally recommend his workshops and coaching sessions for transformation.”

Rakesh Agarwal

“Every minute, super well invested with Shishir, who made the session a very meaningful episode, for me to learn, remember, grow and multiply in my Personal as well as Business Life. Clear guidance on my Strengths and skills to improvise on them. Thanks again his life coaching program, which helped me multiply my path to expedited success.”

Kristina Smith

“It’s been an evolution with Mr Shishir. He has helped me in the entire spectrum of my life; be it identifying & emphasizing on my priorities & passions or ensuring that I set & meet my financial and life goals. His mentorship has brought a lot of clarity & confidence into my life. His enthusiasm is contagious; one cannot stay unaffected by his charisma. He is a rare combination of experience, energy & enthusiasm.”

Maniklal Nair

What Can I Do for You?

I can help and assist you create, organize, design and deliver your goals to elevate your career, your team, your company and your-self.

Bring your team together to help learn to align, connect, communicate, influence and lead.

Let’s craft your personal and professional life so powerful and compelling that success and happiness can’t stay away. Become a magnet to attract success.

It’s time to take the first step towards the life and career you want. I can show you how. And I can wait to share it with you.

Change the way your people connect and communicate with the programs that is both practical and inspiring. They will become eager to take action and ready to transform their life.

Need Advice?

It’s time to take the first step towards the life and career you want. I can show you how. And I can wait to share it with you.

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